Michael Ash


Photography by Michael R. Ash


Michael Ash has been an avid photographer for nearly forty years. He grew up in an age when you had to understand how to capture light on film and how to reproduce the memory of that photo in the wet-lab darkroom. Building on those early skills, Mike adapted his techniques to the digital age by producing eye-popping photos that recreated what Mike saw and felt when capturing these images.

Mike's photographic adventures have taken him to various parts of the world including the refinement of Germany and Paris, the enchantment of the Pacific North West, the desert beauty of Utah and Arizona in places like Moab, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Snow Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Paria Canyon, and the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. His search for photographic felicity has led him to the lush allure of Kauai and the majestic grandeur of the Wyoming Tetons (Popular Photography even asked to publish one of his Teton photos). Some of his expeditions have brought him into encounters with exciting wildlife.

As an international selling author, Mike enjoys circulating his excitement with those who share his fervor and therefore is frequently commissioned as a photography instructor.


Yaquina Lighthouse at Sunset by Michael Ash


Schwabacher Landing by Michael Ash


Antelope Canyon Light Beams by Michael Ash


Cascade Creek to Hidden Falls by Michael Ash


Super Moon before sunrise by Michael Ash


Yachats River Covered Bridge by Michael Ash


Old Green Truck Door by Michael Ash


Indian Paintbrush by Michael Ash


Bowl at the Wave by Michael Ash


Sunset at Hoseshoe Bend by Michael Ash


Fall Colors by Michael Ash


Green River Overlook by Michael Ash


Sunrise at Bryce by Michael Ash


Bryce Illuminated by Michael Ash


Monument Valley in Black and White by Michael Ash


Black and White Sands at Monument Valley by Michael Ash


Aztec Butte by Michael Ash


Blurred Aspens by Michael Ash


Antelope Canyon Colors by Michael Ash


Air Force Academy Chapel by Michael Ash


Eagle Fight by Michael Ash


Winter Tree in Blue Fog by Michael Ash


Thor's Well by Michael Ash